About Me:

Art & Design:  It’s not just my interest; it’s my passion. I’m lucky enough to be involved in a profession that I enjoy immensely, and one that I can happily dedicate a lot of my own time to. Whether it is designing a new issue of Phonica, working on new t-shirt for Printed Wardrobe and WeAdmire.com, or just something as simple as a business card or letter head, the buzz is always there, and that’s what makes designing so enjoyable. I’ve also enjoyed passing on some of my knowledge to other people, with the tutoring I’ve done for Crem Recruitment. It’s really rewarding to see the improvement in their work, as their skills and confidence grow.  

Gaming:  I’ve always loved gaming, even since an early age when I used to play my Dad’s old spectrum X2. But now I feel I have a better understanding of the work that goes into a game, and that makes each title more rewarding. As Games Editor for Phonica, I’ve reviewed hundreds of games (not all of them good!), spoken with and interviewed those involved in the industry, and have attended promotional events and shows. I’ve also produced two brief concept works, showcasing a selection of my concept sketches and visuals.

Scott Tierney - Profile Picture

Writing: Writing is something that I’ve always enjoyed, and over the past couple of years it’s an outlet I’ve grown with and improved. The majority of my work is gaming-based, as it’s a subject I really enjoy writing about. In each issue of Phonica I write a regular feature where I look back on a forgotten game, or one which didn’t receive the attention/praise it rightly deserved. It’s become a very popular feature (we currently have 20,000+ readers), and I’m currently working on plans to get a collection of them published this year. I also write regular features on mobile phones, a selection of Blog pieces for Suite 101, and occasional articles on sport.

Sport: At the time of writing, I’m trying to burn-off my Christmas belly, so sport and exercise is very important at present! I follow a lot of sports very closely, and I have a detailed understanding of F1, Darts, Snooker, Cricket, Football and Pool. I also write occasional pieces on the subject, such as articles for online magazine, UK Darts Mag.